team members

The four Saints chanting to the lines from Indian Vedas headbanging to the groove and still making it sound like tracks from Indian origin !

Surojit Sen

Surojit Sen with his vocal chords born in December 30,1991,founder member of the band, trained as a tabla player and his classical stuff on vocals adds an indian flaour with his heavy death growls.

Abhay Koyadwar

Abhay Koyadwar founder member of the band , with his drum sticks born in March 16, 1997 hiting some heavy grooves with his heavy gaint legs and his gaint arms.

Vicky Singh Chandel

Bass Guitarist
Vikram Singh Chandel born in March 30,1986 and founding member of the band.Vicky play's the sterling sub ray 5 (i.e 5 string bass guitar) and also the song writer for the band,professionally he is an marketing head and also associated with various other bands, he runs his own school of learning guitars.

Tanmay Kolte

Tanmay Kolte born in 15 september,1993 founding member of the band, he play's his six string jackson with some cool carnatic stuff which adds an indian feel to each and every song with the heavy metal stuff.

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  1. Mohit
    1 year ago

    Keep up the Good work folks.. #MusicNeedsYou


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